Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Boy Stroller!

  Chelsea here!  I know you're all anxious for another Asher update, & I promise it's coming soon (right, RAINA?).  Until then, enjoy this video of Asher in his new big boy stroller.  He's clearly happy with it, & so am I since this means I won't have to lug his huge carseat stroller up subway steps anymore (what we really need is video of THAT)!


Hannah Hoffmann said...

I don't know which I love more, Asher laughing or Nanny Chelsea's baby voice. They're both great! Thanks for posting since Raina's falling down on her job. We need more Baby Asher!!

Raina Miranda said...

uuugh.. thanks, Hannah! My mom wanted to see this video but I refused to put in on facebook since I sound so ridiculous, so this was my only option. Oh the things we'll do (& say) for a laugh!


KateVonGlahn said...

I also love Chelsea's baby voice and sweet Asher's laugh. I do not love that I almost threw up from Asher rolling toward and away from me the whole video!

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