Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Boy Stroller!

  Chelsea here!  I know you're all anxious for another Asher update, & I promise it's coming soon (right, RAINA?).  Until then, enjoy this video of Asher in his new big boy stroller.  He's clearly happy with it, & so am I since this means I won't have to lug his huge carseat stroller up subway steps anymore (what we really need is video of THAT)!

Friday, January 30, 2009

"Two Rounds Of Asher's New Favorite Game - 'I'm Gonna Get You'"

"Rolling Over"

Now that Asher is rolling over a little more frequently we were able to catch it on video!

"Inauguration Day"

As an election day baby, Asher felt compelled to watch the Inauguration.  As you can see, President Obama and Asher made eye contact during his speech.  I think they have an understanding that while Obama may be the first African-American President, Asher will most certainly be the first Latino President! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Two Months"

At Asher's two-month appointment, he weighed in at 12 lbs. and measured 23 1/2 inches long - what a big boy! :)  During his first two months he also had many "major accomplishments" worth documenting - smiling in response to our smiles, cooing and "talking", sticking his tongue out at us in response to us sticking it out at him, and rolling over (a couple of times).  Every time he does something new we become so ecstatic!  Who knew that seeing a baby stick his tongue out could be such a monumental occasion??  Anyway, these pics are a few that we have taken since his two-month birthday...

I seemed to have misplaced my pacifier.  Maybe it's in my pocket??

Asher joined us for Pastor Bojan's birthday party.  I don't actually have a picture of him, but this is his wife Jamie.  This is that first time we've seen her in months.  She's been in Chicago performing in a play - she's on her way to stardom! :)

Asher was obviously thrilled about the party.  Well, at least he was looking very stylish in his cap!

Madelina and Chelsea looking very cute - Corydon looking very crazy!

Telling a story...

It had a happy ending!

Our Lil' Bean

"A Few More Pics From Home"

Elijah's sister Elianna just sent me the pictures she took while we were in Columbus so I thought I would share a few.  This is Asher practicing his soccer kicks with an orange.  Elianna did actually catch him kicking the orange on video, but she hasn't sent me that yet...

Father and son

Elijah's friend Torrey was not in town, but we still wanted to introduce Asher to his family.  We were so glad we got to see them!

"Happy New Year"

New Year's Eve was so much!  We spent the holiday in Columbus and had a baby-free night out with Elijah's long-time friend Mac.  Mai did the babysitting - thanks Mai!

Bros for life!

We had a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant called The Market.

Then, we went to a jazz bar owned by Elijah's friend Eric's father.  The band was amazing!

Asher looks like he had a nice evening as well.

He didn't quite make it to midnight.

However, he still got a New Year's kiss! :)